Undoubtedly one of the late 20th century's most seminal movies, Larry Clark's Kids was the film to put the New York skate/youth culture of the ’90s in front of the world. Exhilarating and deeply unsettling in equal measure, this raw and honest biopic catapulted Clark onto the global cinematic stage. Now, 19 years later, Clark's latest film, The Smell of Us, revisits many of the same topics, only this time amid the hard-nosed hedonism of 21st-century Paris. Ahead of its full release, Dazed & Confused magazine caught up with some of the stars of the movie for an insight into how their own lives wash over into those of their onscreen characters. It's every bit as nonchalant, cool and darkly romanticized as you'd expect. Read it in full here.

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