Lisbon’s new streetwear label, Latte Lisbon, have joined forces with one of Portugal’s most exciting artists, Angela Ferreira AKA Kruella D’Enfer, to develop a limited series of T-shirts.

D’Enfer also created 5 screens to be displayed in the Latte store, which make reference to the culture of sneakers and streetwear. The T-shirts are made in Portugal and come in black and white colorways. They feature a print of a painting (titled “My Favorite Ladies”) by D’Enfer.

To coordinate with the drop, the Portuguese streetwear brand released a surreal editorial, shot by Pedro Leote. Check out the series above which features model, Tiago de Sous, conducting a very meta burglary of the painting that features on the collaborative T-shirt. The burglar is shown stealing a painting of an antiquated garden scene in which a young girl wears a conspicuously anachronistic T-shirt with the Latte logo.

You can purchase the T-shirt for approximately $45 at

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