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Earlier this year, Los Angeles-based shoegaze artist John Cudlip a.k.a. Launder caught our attention with his dreamy Pink Cloud EP. The project contains five tracks that are pure indie rock bliss and emotionally drown you out for that fresh, clean slate feeling. Today, we’re premiering his lush new single “Powder” featuring DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith. Launder told us that the Day Wave-produced song is about “missed opportunities, distance, and keeping close with someone who’s struggling” and serves as a tribute to his childhood friends who suffered from substance abuse.

“I wrote this song about a group of friends I grew up who took the same path as me with a different outcome,” he said. “It’s the first song I’ve used an acoustic guitar on, something I think really fell in line with the vulnerability that fueled me through the writing process. The song as a whole fell into place naturally… Most of the lyrics coming into being along the way in the studio.”

The polished track is fresh off Launder’s forthcoming Powder/Chew 7” which is slated to drop on January 18 via House Arrest and available to pre-order here. Try not to feel too dead inside, check on your pals, and jam out to the lo-fi tune below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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