Tadahiro Hakamata, owner of an online museum called Layupshot which houses 1,500 game-worn NBA jerseys and numerous Nike bespoke sneakers, tells us his story for the latest episode of From the Ground Up.

Hakamata has been collecting NBA jerseys for roughly 25 years, and he decided to open his online museum, Layupshot, 10 years ago. His obsession with the game of basketball began in middle school as he became fascinated with the NBA and its players. Shortly thereafter, Hakamata got wind of Michael Jordan and he had to have everything MJ wore.

Hakamata purchased his first NBA jersey, a Danny Manning top, in the US in the '90s. Prior to taking advantage of the NBA auction system in 2006, he would go to various charity auctions and events in the States to buy jerseys. Now, he admits he purchases anywhere from 100 to 300 jerseys each year.

Branching off from his affinity for game-worn jerseys, Hakamata got into bespoke sneakers approximately a decade ago. He made his first pair at an event in Harajuku. Hakamata reveals that each pair since then has its own concept revolving around everyday life.

To hear Tadahiro Hakamata detail his appreciation for NBA jerseys and bespoke sneakers, press play above, and get an exclusive peek at his insane collection.

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