With an emphasis on imagining future tech, Italian firm Lazzarini Design has a number of intriguing concepts over the years and this latest flying car proposal is one notable standout.

Dubbed "The Hover Coupè," the vehicle merges retro-style with future-tech as it's inspired by the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8, an Italian luxury car from the early 1920s. This concept essentially takes classic styling of the iconic car and launches it into the 21st century by removing the wheels and reimagining it as a flying two-seat automobile with four small turbine engines, and hypothetically fly at speeds over 342 mph.

In addition, according to Lazzarini, "It turns left and right by the release of the available air inside the turbines. To facilitate the stability of the vehicle while flying, additional adjustable flaps are located below the chassis of the jet car."

For a further look and additional details on The Hover Coupè, be sure to check out more at Lazzarini Design and in the video below.

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