When he isn’t posting things about his family, or his teammates, or fellow athletes across various sports, LeBron James can be seen previewing new or recently-released music on his Instagram account, as is the case today with Kendrick Lamar‘s new album, DAMN., which is due out in several hours.

It’s no secret that LBJ is a fan of hip-hop, and more specifically King Kendrick, as Bron is rumored to be responsible for last year’s delivery of Untitled Unmastered, thanks to a tweeted release request.

Lamar’s DAMN. is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, April 14, with just three features (that have currently been disclosed, anyway) coming from Rihanna, U2 and lesser known, Zacari.

“Humble” in turn acts as the lead single from the album.

Nonetheless, see below to watch LeBron James vibing to Kendrick’s new work, many clips coming courtesy of KanyeToThe and Streamable.

Not NYC, not LA.