Before suiting up for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, LeBron James is heading overseas for a trio of appearances, then capped off by a visit to New York City. In collaboration with his sponsor Nike and sports digital media company UNINTERRUPTED, the cultural icon is taking UNINTERRUPTED's "More Than an Athlete" message to Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, and NYC.

"More Than an Athlete" is all about being a leader both on and off the court/field, giving your all to your team, and contributing to the betterment of your community. LeBron is a prime example of such behavior, as he is arguably this generation's most vocal athlete at times when it matters most.

The mission for James' stops in Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, and New York City is to empower the youth to fuel their own future via sports. September 2 and September 3, LeBron will be in Berlin to host a youth pick-up game. Some of the biggest names in Berlin's music scene will be performing as well.

Those interested in participating in the game — ages 16 to 20 — can register through the Nike app. Spectators of all ages are welcome to attend to festivities.

Stay tuned for more information surrounding LeBron James' upcoming tour, which will also feature location-specific activations in Shanghai, Paris, and NYC.

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