Sprite unveils its latest campaign featuring an ace pitcher named "Big Taste" played by LeBron James, and rising hip-hop artist and Interscope Records signee Kamaiyah, playing his catcher named "Ice-Ya."

With the beverage company continuing its string of its lighthearted "Wanna Sprite" marketing, the one-minute spot emphasizes Ice-Ya and Big Taste aka Sprite as a powerhouse combination, celebrating the strike out of "Thirst," the player at bat, and eventually bringing fans to their feet cheering on their victory.

James, who has worked with Sprite since 2003 shared, "It was fun to do something different and play the role of what felt more like an alter ego in Big Taste. Sprite is always coming up with creative ways to tell their story that connect with fans, and this time that meant pulling on the stirrups and taking the mound for that big strikeout, which is something you dream about doing as a kid.”

Recently, Audemars Piguet tapped LeBron James for its “The Future of First” campaign.

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