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It’s fairly safe to say that almost all of us have enjoyed LEGO toys as kids. From giant robots to extremely weird-looking monsters, we’re likely built it all – and that’s not to mention the multitudes of LEGO houses that have been built by our collective.

Now, architecture firm BIG has just created the LEGO building of our dreams – located near LEGO’s Denmark corporate campus, the building is expected to pull in 250,000 guests annually. Sitting at around 12,000 square meters, there will be a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. As you’d expect, the entire space is LEGO-themed, meaning even the building will boast the facade of being constructed by LEGO bricks, and eating spots will offer LEGO-inspired meals.

“LEGO House is a manifestation of the very essence of the LEGO idea,” says Jesper Vilstrup, General Manager, LEGO House. “This will be an amazing place where LEGO fans, their families and friends can experience – or re-experience – the playfulness of the LEGO universe. All activities are related to our philosophy that creative play promotes innovation. LEGO House will enable us to offer both adult and young guests the chance of stimulating both creativity and learning.”

The LEGO House has been in construction since 2014, meaning the announcement of its September opening date is very much a big deal – sale of tickets to the building will begin in June.

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Words by Marcus Cho