For the latest episode of "You Make It We Skate It," the guys from Braille Skateboarding were gifted an insane deck made entirely of LEGO (and resin). This follows up their recent tests on a bulletproof glass skateboard and an additional glass skateboard. Just how well would the board hold up, however, due to it being made from toy parts, essentially?

First off, lets delve into the construction. The undeniably unique deck consists of a number of 10-inch base pieces, 250 LEGO bricks and resin. And due to the thinking that the guys would look somewhat childish skating around on a deck made of LEGO, the provider also sent multiple breathe-safe masks to wear while at the skatepark.

While the Braille team marveled at the look of the LEGO deck, they were immediately concerned about the durability of the board. It actually did noticeably fine while simply rolling around the park, but upon drop-in, it cracked virtually immediately. The board then made it through a couple of kick flip attempts, albeit cracking time and time again.

All in all, the dope-looking LEGO skate deck didn't really stand up to the tricks that the guys were throwing its way. Nonetheless, it was one cool ass board.

After watching the Braille team skate the LEGO deck above, see below for the making of the insane board.

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