Leica has unveiled a new "Titanium Grey" iteration of its popular Leica Q camera.

Since its release, the Leica Q has garnered a reputation for both its style and functionality; mixing discreet and subtle design aesthetics with features such as a fast fixed prime lens and full-frame sensor. Offering the same performance and technical specifications of its black model predecessor, the Leica Q "Titanium Grey" also comes equipped with intuitive handling, meaning it's the perfect device for both street and landscape photographers. A 24MP, full-frame CMOS sensor matched to its lens also ensures richly detailed exposures with low noise at peak quality.

While the Leica Q's hefty specs render it suitable for an expert-level photographer, all functions of the camera are clearly laid out and logically placed, making it ergonomic to use for all. The logical menu provides rapid access to all essential functions and also enables users to install their own customized settings.

The camera is available for purchase sometime around mid-November for a price of £3,800 including VAT. Head over to the Leica website for further information on why it's an investment worth making.

If you find that price tag slightly hefty, then check out Leica's Sofort Instant Camera instead.

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