Exploration is always a recurring theme for many menswear brands (i.e. Snow Peak, Filson). Now, luxury retailer Leisure Society by Shane Baum has joined the list of brands who are inspired by travel. They recently produced these Vinson sunglasses, drawing from pioneers who charted new territories -- The glasses pay homage to the vintage styles that accompanied explorers like Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on their ascent up Mount Everest.

The round “mountain glass”-inspired frame is set off by a modern take on leather blinders, which were traditionally used to protect the eyes from sun rays and harsh winds. However, these shades are designed with more than just fashion in mind -- They also feature metal cable updates and titanium temples which reinforce the construction that make the glasses incredibly sturdy. Also included are interlocking closures that hold the riveted leather blinders in place allowing modern-day adventurers to conquer new frontiers in style.

The Vinson is available in black, blonde tortoise, clear and imperial blue. Shop it for $980. Handmade in Japan.

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