allbirds leonardo dicaprio
Getty Images / ROBIN UTRECHT / AFP

Leonardo DiCaprio is just as much an environmentalist as he is an actor. While working on Quentin Tarantino’s much-anticipated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the 43-year-old celebrity has announced his investment in sustainable footwear company, Allbirds.

“Creating sustainable consumer products requires a deep commitment from brands that understand the role they have in helping solve our environmental crisis,” DiCaprio said in a statement to People. “Allbirds is on the forefront of developing new materials that will serve as a model for the footwear industry. This kind of innovation is crucial for creating a more sustainable future. I am proud to join the company as an investor.”

News of DiCaprio’s involvement with the brand arrives alongside the debut of their new shoe, the Sugar Zeffer flip-flop, made with renewable Brazilian sugarcane. To learn more about Allbirds and their environmentally conscious efforts, follow here. Also, press play below to hear why the company is making sneakers from actual trees.

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