The Levi's 501 is such an influential icon that in the minds of most people, it serves as the default reference for a pair of jeans. However, with Levi's affinity for innovation and upgrading, today we get our first look at a welcome addition to the 501's tech repertoire.

For the first time this fall, Levi's has introduced stretchability to the 501 and 501 CT. The new proprietary fabric will house all of the 501's original shrink-to-fit fabric properties, while offering new stretchability ranging from 12.5% to 17% stretch. Typically, stretch fabrics cannot replicate the same look of its all-cotton counterpart, but with unique engineering, each pair of the 501s with stretch will offer the classic 501 worn-in finish, in washes ranging from dark to light.

Ultimately, the new 501 and 501 CT stretch is a perfect blend of heritage and innovation. To pick up a pair of the new 501s head on over to Levi's and secure your size.

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