Innovation is a hot commodity within brands these days; you need to up your game if you're to compete with everybody else. Making sure you're the first to explore cutting-edge technology on products requires a whole laboratory-style setup in order to do so: enter Levi's Eureka Innovation Lab. Situated in the brand's San Francisco birthplace, the lab is a research and development facility dedicated solely to the design ideation and prototyping of new Levi's garments.

We had the chance to visit the lab last time we were in San Francisco and took a few snaps to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they're enhancing performance, sustainability, and fit through new and exciting products. The fact that a brand like Levi's can actually replicate the full production process at a facility just minutes away from its San Francisco headquarters, is in today's age and time incredible. From simulating washes with a special laser technique, to cutting, sewing, washing and applying imperfections to the denim, anything is possible inside the Eureka Lab. As such most of Levi's innovation happening today, started in one way or another at Eureka. We experienced the lab as a great hands-on place for Levi's designers, allowing them to quickly test and sample new ideas. The result is more flexibility, faster turnarounds, and of course the amazing opportunity to work on a number of smaller scale collaborative projects in a shorter amount of time, with less production planning involved. The recent work with MR PORTER and SOTO Berlin have all been created inside the lab, rather than at an overseas factory.

Take a look inside the lab above and learn about Levi's technology-oriented products in collaboration with Google.

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