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Every brand, no matter how iconic, needs a refresh every once in awhile. As the market shifts, companies must evolve with it or risk becoming obsolete. Retail is particularly fast moving, and with an inexhaustible selection of similar items, it’s becoming ever more difficult for brands to stay relevant and fresh in the minds of consumers.

In 2011, classic American brand Levi’s decided it was time for a facelift. Though the company felt it had come to represent a certain kind of salt-of-the-earth authenticity, it also realized it hadn’t challenged itself enough creatively. As a result, Levi’s’ branding wasn’t as aligned and cohesive as it could have been.

Levi’s knew that it had already established itself as being high-quality, approachable and trustworthy to its consumers. And, it also had a rich history to put into a context that could be fully understood and appreciated globally. The big question was, How could this be done? 

Working with visual identity agency Turner Duckworth, Levi’s came up with a simple but rather ingenious solution. They simply decided they would work with what they already had and use it to their advantage rather than starting from scratch.

Thus, the “batwing” logo was born. Not only did it draw upon the company’s past visual history, it also cleverly converted the registration mark into a design-friendly shape.

Check out the short video below to learn more about the logo’s creation design process and inspiration behind Levi’s’ new visual identity.

  • Source: Fast Co
Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland