Levi's is planning to reduce its water usage by 50 percent in depleted areas by 2025, Fast Company reports. Subsequently, the company will be cutting down on water used at its factories and finishing plants.

Levi's is aiming to accomplish this by working with suppliers to formulate water usage targets based on local water levels. Facilities in countries where water is considerably more scarce will adhere to stricter requirements than areas where water is more readily available.

Fast Company points out that not only is water reduction good for the planet, but it also helps companies save money, therefore making it a win-win from both sustainability and business perspectives.

“We all know that water is perhaps the most critical resource on the planet and that many places, including countries the apparel industry sources from, are struggling with water crises,” says Liz O’Neill, president of LS&Co.’s global product, innovation, and supply chain. “This announcement is an illustration of what sustainability means to us now: innovative, responsive, scalable programs that drive impact and inspire collective action to address the most pressing social and environmental issues facing our business, industry, and planet.”

News of Levi's water usage reduction arrives as the company has already announced a commitment of zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in 2020. For more on their efforts, visit Fast Company.

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