It's no secret that Tony Stark's Iron Man suit is chock-full of next-level technical aspects that power a slew of unthinkable actions. But what would real-life, life-size Iron Man armor look like?

Now thanks to Chinese company The Toys Asia, we get a glimpse at what an actual Iron Man suit could be capable of. Sure, we've seen a number of smaller superhero toys that are equipped to perform a few neat functions, but The Toys Asia's life-size Iron Man armor boasts 46 motors that power 567 parts.

The suit comes packaged with a remote control that allows the user to completely open the armor and then see all of the insane design components located inside. Due to the 46 motors and 567 parts, you can't actually step into the suit, though, but it still sure as hell one-ups your kid's 12-inch figurine.

For a cool $360,000 USD, this life-size Iron Man suit can be yours, as it comes with its own display stand, seeing as you can't exactly place it on a shelf with other collectibles.

After checking out the incredible Iron Man armor, see below to take a look at a real-life Batman suit that has 23 functioning gadgets.

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