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Set in Point Roberts, Washington, overlooking the Strait of Georgia, the San Juan Islands and the Puget Sound is the new Lightbox home by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The house was built not only to be a dwelling place for a young photographer and his family, but also to act as a studio for his work. The peninsula that Lightbox is located on extends south from British Columbia, as it is then surrounded by many acres of forest.

Seeing as the photographer has an affinity for simplicity as well as an appreciation for unique and well-crafted details, Lightbox was built rather modestly. Various materials such as wood two-bys and prefabricated aluminum were utilized throughout much of the house to keep the costs somewhat moderate. The house rests just above the forest’s floor, with glass walls facing the south to provide with amazing views of the woods and the sun upon its setting.

Not NYC, not LA.