Over the weekend, I attended an "Old Town Road" themed party because that's how influential this single has been on the culture in its two weeks of dominating the Billboard charts, breaking streaming records, and stirring up controversy. It's almost hard to believe that Lil Nas X has blown up to this level in such a short amount of time, but it's really a testament to a build-up that's been a long time coming and his newly inked record deal with Columbia Records is proof of that.

There's no telling when the official music video for "Old Town Road" will drop along with Young Thug's highly anticipated remix of the track, but while we wait we should take a moment to direct our attention to another important factor in Lil Nas X's success—his Twitter account. As the Intelligencer recently revealed, Lil Nas X initially popped off years ago from "trafficking in memes, viral threads, engagement bait, and Nicki Minaj stanning." While we, the people, no longer require his services from the Nas Maraj account, there's so much to enjoy on his personal platform if you follow him.

After spending too many hours scrolling on his page, we rounded up a list of our all-time favorite tweets from Lil Nas X's account for your viewing pleasure. While you're here, revisit our in-depth essays about why country rap is here to stay and how black cowboy culture rode its way back to relevance.

Howdy, let's start with this classic.

Lil Nas X's humble beginnings before he went viral are wholesome.

His ability to multi-task is incredibly inspiring.

He's still like us even after experiencing the whirlwind of viral fame.

He just gets culture and the way the world works.

He's still getting used to the perks of fame...

But has good intentions.

And he's not afraid to tell it like it is.

He constantly checks in on himself and is a prime example of the power of manifestation.

And he's not blind to the fake aspects of social media.

He's the type of person who always puts things into perspective.

He dares to be different.

His pop culture references are too good for us.

He understands the significance of modern folklore.

He keeps the options for his dreams wide open.

He even re-defined what it means to be an "industry plant" in 2019.

And his willingness to share his struggles is admirable.

Most importantly, he always keeps it 100% real.

Lil Nas X's mind is on another level, truly.

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