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This past year was no doubt a marquee one for Lil Uzi Vert, in terms of his career, and possibly his life in general. But now that the 22-year-old rapper has found fame, and love, what else does he want?

In a new interview with The FADER, the burgeoning Philly-born artist dishes on what it’s like being a rapper, being forced to provide for his family, leaving Philadelphia for Atlanta, and his relationship with Brittany Byrd.

Below we have provided some key excerpts from Uzi’s conversation with The FADER, as you can then follow on over to their website for the entire interview.

On dedicating himself to music by getting a face tattoo:

“I had a job for fucking four days. I couldn’t do it. I’m not normal. I was in there just thinking, Why am I doing this? It was like, If I get this face tattoo, I got to focus. I can’t go in nobody’s office with a suit on with this shit on my face. I got to focus on what I want to do.”

On leaving Philadelphia for Atlanta:

“I really realize, the world is bigger than motherfuckers that’s around you. The world is bigger than that neighborhood, bro. That’s what I realized. I said, ‘Hold on, if y’all do this, y’all keep doing this, right? Y’all keep doing the same thing, your whole lifestyle: eating the same, thinking the same, doing the same activities, doing it everyday. It becomes a cycle. If it becomes a cycle, what are you learning now? Nothing.’”

On the obligation of being a working artist:

“You wanna know what the curse is? I gotta take care of my family. That’s the curse right there. I gotta take care of my whole family. That’s why I can’t stop. If I ain’t have to take care of nobody, best believe I’d be regular as fuck.”

On his public relationship with Brittany Byrd:

“I’m a rapper, bro. It’s fucked up. Our relationship is fucked up. But, you know, I love her for her and she loves me for me. So, you know. It’s always gon be good.”

Not NYC, not LA.