lil xan explains hot cheetos incident Flamin hot cheetos
Getty Images / Theo Wargo

Earlier this week, Lil Xan revealed that he was hospitalized for eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. As per his Instagram, the rapper confirmed his visit to the emergency room was related to the spicy snack and “not due to any drugs.” Following the incident, Xan caught up with TMZ to discuss the matter further.

The rapper was spotted outside of New York’s Irving Plaza. During the impromptu talk, he explained how a poor culinary combination sent him to the emergency room.

“It was literally just one bag. Ate it, I was drinking soda. I have a really poor diet,” Xan explained. “For four days, I was feeling really bad, like, just stomach aches. Then I ate another of the chili lemon ones and literally, just … I vomited a little blood.”

Check out the video in full below.

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