Rising California rapper Lil Xan recently met up with the team at Montreality for an intimate interview. During the conversation, Xan dished on everything from anime and his favorite cartoons to how he lost his virginity, the realist verse he's ever written, the late Lil Peep, Eminem, and much more.

"I was into Eminem heavy bro, that sh*t was hard as f*ck back then," Lil Xan insists. "He was the first white rapper to be like: we doing this sh*t now, we in this b*tch. Eminem is dope as f*ck, he's a legend."

In transitioning, Xan disclosed that Kendrick Lamar once gave him the best advice. "Kendrick gave me some advice over the phone, cause my manager Stat Quo was part of the whole G-Unit sh*t so he was around Eminem," he noted. "Kendrick gave me the best advice on the phone, told me how to invest my money, what to do, how to act."

For more, including Lil Xan's ultimate fetishes and what he wants to do when he's old and about to die, press play above.

In other music news, Gucci Mane reportedly wants to sign Lil Pump.

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