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A little more entertaining than yesterday’s public feud, today’s rap beef comes in the shape of Lil Yachty and Deadmau5 ragging each other over Twitter — and and it was all over creating an EDM track.

“I wanna do a big edm song and perform it at one of those festivals, which edm DJ tryna make it with me?” Yachty tweeted. And, rather than letting the question slide, EDM producer Deadmau5 decided to reply with “I’m good, thanks.”

Naturally, this didn’t go down well with Yachty — who responded with “I didn’t ask you.”

Check out the mad exchange below.

Even a Diplo parody account (which hails from Viceland) got in on the action, throwing a pretty scorching burn into the mix, “I don’t think he was asking you, he said wanted to do a big song.”

Deadmau5 tried to throw water on the fire with an offer to team up for a game of Players Unknown Battlegrounds (aka PUB). Though Yachty’s reply of “suck my dick,” seems to imply he wasn’t going to let Deadmau5 off from throwing shade at him that easily.

Yachty’s request did seem to catch the eyeballs of well-known EDM producers such as Alison Wonderland, LOUDPVCK, and visceral though — so not all was lost in this case of love, war and EDM.

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