In one of the most unlikely music collaborations in recent memory, Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond have linked up for a remix of the classic Chef Boyardee jingle. With beats by 30 Rock, "Start the Par-dee" celebrates the 90th anniversary of the canned pasta company and their recently launched "throwback recipe" products.

In the video above, you can catch Yachty and Osmond cooking up beats in the studio and pasta in the kitchen, and driving a yellow car in front of a green screen. The song itself features Lil Yachty's iconic autotuned voice, and former ’60s boyband member Donny Osmond trying his hand at rapping.

“This work pays tribute to the past and the future of the classic Chef Boyardee brand,” said Jason Peterson, Havas Creative, North America Co-chair and Chief Creative Officer. “We gave every audience, from baby boomers to millenials, something that they could relate to, formed an idea around it and released it in a modern way by doing a full length music video.”

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