Lisbon by Ross-Trevail

Our photographer, Ross Trevail, recently found himself in the Portuguese capital Lisbon. High on a mixture on sunshine, fresh fish and the hypnotic sounds of Fado music, he got to work putting together this story for us.

"These shots are from my recent trip to Lisbon. Kind of a weird city to visit, although on the map there are lots of different areas, each said to have a different feel to the next, you end up wandering from one to another without really realizing. Alfalma, in the East of the Central city, is the home of Fado music. We had an amazing night here eating grilled Sardines and watching the staff and locals singing and shouting..."

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"The language barrier meant we were never quite sure what all it was all about but we had to get involved a couple of times after getting the microphone thrust in our faces. The city has an old feel to it with its trams and faded shop fronts. I was drawn (as normal) to the older folks of the city, who flock to the small bars and restaurants which appear up every side street and flight of cobbled steps, such as the man eating his sardines in the Cais Do Sodre bar. Or at Sesimbra along the coast, which felt like a warmer version of a Cornish seaside town with its promenades and rows of fish restaurants where the aging population worship the sun, taking in a quiet moment on the sea front."

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