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TikTok has responded to Lizzo‘s body shaming claims. The video-sharing site acknowledged Lizzo’s recent post, in which she addressed the social platform’s removal of her swimsuit videos.

A TikTok spokesperson told Page Six that the removal of the videos had nothing to do with Lizzo’s body type and stated that it has restored the posts in question. The statement reads, “The spokesperson told us that one of the videos initially did not appear to meet TikTok’s community guidelines because it looked like Lizzo was flashing her underwear, so it was removed. However, after TikTok reviewed the video and saw that Lizzo was in fact, wearing a bathing suit, TikTok restored the video to her page.”

On Wednesday, the “Truth Hurts” singer called out TikTok on its own platform, posting a clip of herself lip-syncing “I know, I know…” and calling attention to the problem in the caption. “TikTok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suits but allows other videos with girls in bathing suits. I wonder why? TikTok… we need to talk.”

At the moment, Lizzo’s TikTok posts has earned over 2 million likes and more than 16K comments, showing fans and users of the platform alike’s support for the body-positivity icon. Watch her video below.

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In a Guardian report back in December 2019, TikTok admitted that it had been deleting content from users it identified as disabled, fat, and LGBTQ+ in efforts to protect them from bullying.

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