lizzo npr tiny desk concert watch future

Lizzo needed no introduction for her NPR “tiny-ass desk” concert. She performed “Cuz I Love You,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Juice” from her latest album, aided by her band and of course, her flute. Watch the full performance below.

The Tempo singer had come straight from an interview on Fresh Air, where she opened up about producing Cuz I Love You, posing naked for her album cover, and how producers like J Dilla and Metro Boomin are using the flute, too.

In the preceding interview, she told NPR’s Terry Gross, “I think we don’t see rappers play flute. We hear it and we don’t subconsciously put two and two together. I think it would have been way more impactful to see Future actually playing the line on the flute to ‘Mask Off.’”

Last week Lizzo dropped the visuals for her Missy Elliott-assisted track, “Tempo.” Watch it here.

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