Photography maven Lomography has already provided us with some pitch-perfect camera options to take with us on our most visually appealing summer getaways. In the past few months, the brand has dropped two chic iterations of its classic Lomo’Instant camera: a navy-striped San Sebastian with some serious beach vibes and a Milan that is a mixture of rich pastel and inspired, kitschy printing. But for its newest release, Lomography has flipped the script by creating its most functional model yet: the Lomo’Instant Automat.

And the brand is putting it on Kickstarter to boot. The camera is coming in four separate colorways (named after cities of course): the Bora Bora, the South Beach, the Playa Jardin and the Punalu’u, all of which evoke the breeziness of ocean life. It is being heralded as its most advanced automatic instant camera yet, thanks in large part to features like the camera’s shutter speed, flash output and aperture all adjusting by themselves, leaving the photographer with little to do other than point and click. And for the true persnickety visual artists out there, the camera comes complete with a range of attachable lenses like a fisheye, various color gels and a super wide-angle. And considering its already in range of reaching its funding goal, consider this little baby already yours.

Be sure to visit the Lomo'Instant Automat's Kickstarter page to go fund the project. Or visit Lomography's website to shop alternate versions of its cameras.

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