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With headline-demanding mainstage performances and head-turning festival style, it isn't so easy to capture the sense of community and creative connection that global music gathering can foster.

For Lovebox 2019, London's annual celebration of eclectic music and emerging talent, we sent interdisciplinary visual artist and former A-Cold-Wall* designer Jack Harper to distill the palpable spirit of artistic energy in an intimate, multimedia visual essay.

The piece, which extends across a number of photographic and video mediums, seeks to capture the festival with a sense of 'organic documentation,' whereby each and every sight, sound and scene featured "has come out of a genuine connection, from lens to subject." Speaking on his artistic intent with the piece, Jack posits; "It is easy to be swayed by notable names which already get coverage. There is however a further story which is not notably present in existing media." He continues, "we have the power to glamorize. This visual documentation is to present a more authentic view of what goes on. Everyone has a special moment, therefore everyone deserves to have their moment showcased."

Highsnobiety / Jack Harper

Not limited to documenting simply the performing artists and atmosphere, as so often is the case, Harper's visual account of Lovebox takes a candid look at how such an event can bring together a variety of creatives from around the world. And, without the hyper-glamor of only the most recognisable performers, he shows how everyone in attendance, has a part to play in making music festivals unique and genuine human experiences.

Alongside the likes of 2Chainz, Solange, Loyle Carner, J Hus, Brockhampton and Slowthai, Harper make a point of highlighting some of the vanguard of creative young London, spotlighting a few below for you to check out.

Highsnobiety / Jack Harper

Below are a few names that were documented throughout that deserve to be noted as major contributors to the cultural Arts/Design/Fashion and Music scene:

Mr Iamnext – Host and Founder of IAM Next platform. The platform provides support for up and coming UK Talent. Tiffany Calver – DJ and Radio presenter, P-rallel – Artist, producer and DJ to Slowthai. Member of underground UK collective E/M (Elevation Meditation) Cosmo Webber – Photographer Skinny Macho – Founder of Bone Soda Kasien – Artist. Apart of K2 Kokie – Kasien’s manager, and creative consultant, working with Atlantic Records and Columbia. Kay Ibrahim – Photographer J-Scott – DJ, 1/2 of Cozy Boys Henock Sileshi – Creative director/member of Brockhampton Daniela K Monteiro - Photographer Vicky Grout – Photographer Walid Labri - Visual Artist



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