Trying to eat healthy can be a minefield. Are eggs OK? What about coffee? Chocolate? It seems as if, every day, a new article comes out singing the praises of one food item that just a week ago was deemed to be the worst thing you could eat. And that's before looking at food labels covered with marketing terms like "healthy," "fat free" and "light," that are often wildly misleading.

London-based fitness Instagrammer Lucy Mountain is wading through all this misinformation to give straightforward diet and nutritional advice with her @theFFFeed account.

On her Instagram, Mountain posts side-by-side images of food, showing the calories in each. But her 'gram isn't devoted to telling people to count calories. Instead, she exposes the often-hidden high calories in "healthy" options, empowering her followers to know exactly what's in their food.

Her feed also shows how simple tweaks to your daily life can reduce your calorie intake if you're looking to lose weight. Things like using a little less butter, swapping out olive oil for low fat oil and using home made salad dressing over the store-bought stuff all make significant differences.

Most importantly, Mountain is clear that there's no one-size-fits-all method to eating healthily or losing weight, and that we shouldn't stress over "unhealthy" food once in a while.

“I believe moderation is key and personal enjoyment for the food you’re eating is important,” the Instagrammer told The Independent.

"The word ‘healthy’ is completely subjective to the individual which is part of the reason why there are so many conflicting messages in the industry," Mountain continued.

"A ‘healthy’ food to one person might be sugar-free when a ‘healthy' food to another person might be a low calorie snack that helps them with their weight loss goal."

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