It's always interesting to learn what musicians request when making appearances and while on tour. Here, we've subsequently gotten a look at Ludacris' rider for SXSW.

First off, Luda prefers to remain clean and dry by insisting there be one dozen white towels on hand. When it comes to cuisine and alcoholic beverages, we see that the Atlanta rapper enjoys barbecue chips, peanut butter and jelly, Fruit Roll-Ups, trail mix, Hennessy, Don Julio, vodka, gin, and both red and white wine, among a slew of other items.

Luda seemingly has a thing for good hygiene as well, requesting Listerine, a Crest toothbrush, lotion, Dove soap, a hairbrush, and deodorant.

Simply take a look at the post below to find out exactly what's on Ludacris' rider. Let us know what items surprise you the most?

An iPhone 6, Luda, really?

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