The very first second-timer Dropcast guest Luke Fracher makes up a third of Round Two, a men’s boutique that aims to offer the best deals on clothing. After a successful second debut in Los Angeles, the store planted new roots in New York City, where customers have continued to buy, sell, and trade their sneakers, streetwear, and vintage gear.

The Dropcast hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas catch up with Luke to talk Round Two news and his recent collaboration, but first they start off with the quick hits. The trio manage to stay on topic while going off topic, discussing the ten year photo challenge in relation to Supreme’s newest collab with dead prez (3:00). After going through a couple lukewarm sneaker drops, Concepts and Birkenstock’s latest silhouette has the cast singing #MuleBoyz praises and applauding Concepts’ history of collabs (8:24).

This weekend’s Innersect Shanghai 2019 will see Jian speaking on a panel with Daniel Arsham plus the release of Highsnobiety x Mizuno x Beams’ Wave Creation Wave Knit and exclusive Highsnobiety apparel. CLOT’s newly released Regal fragment design x Nike Air Force 1 Black Silk will be available as well (11:10). They give a warm welcome to the last shoe lined up on the quick hits, which is none other than the new GmbH x ASICS GEL-Nandi 360 coming in an olive green and bubblegum pink colorway (14:45).

The icy drops continue with Virgil Abloh’s “Crystal Clear” collection in collaboration with French crystalware and glass manufacturer, Baccarat, that’s on display at Art Basel Miami (15:33).

The below interview is a written version of ‘The Dropcast’ Episode 88. It has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Noah Thomas: I feel like you’d be into that, yo. I feel like that’s your whole vibe, yo.

Luke Fracher: I don’t have any room in my apartment for stuff like that.

NT: What? For crystal? Crystal glasses? Really?

LF: Also, lead seeps in. It’s got a lot of lead in it so it seeps in, you can’t keep stuff in there. You can’t have a decanter and keep liquor in there because it’ll seep.

Jian DeLeon: That’s crazy. I didn’t know that.

LF: I guess for average use, but like, it’s not my vibe unfortunately.

JD: Maybe that’s why you got to get a Baccarat one.

LF: So wait, what is he actually making? Is it a chain to wear around your neck?

JD: It’s an object exhibition.

NT: Yeah, it’s like objects. So you know how he has the Off-White Home? So I think this is just — just some fly flex vibes.

JD: So we’ve got a decanter with an open bottom. So you actually can’t put shit in it. It’s conceptual.

NT: Do we need to drink?

JD: Exactly, it’s the sober decanter. It actually doesn’t hold alcohol.

Speaking of exhibitions, the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam is holding “The Hoodie,” which explores the clothing garment as a political piece symbolizing youth culture, subculture, and more (17:23).

LF: These types of things are funny to me because this is like, I was talking to John Carmonica about this the other day. So my dad reads the Times every day and he’ll be like, “Hey, have you heard of 21 Savage?” after they write an article about him in the Time. “Have you heard of Off-White?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I have dad. Thank you.” But this is like that same type of shit some Dutch dads come home like, ‘Do you have any hoodies?” “Yes, I have a hoodie.”

NT: I don’t know how I feel about it. First of all, I don’t know. I feel like, yes, everyone wears a hoodie, but if this is going to be an exhibit don’t you think it should probably be here?

LF: In America?

JD: Yeah. I just feel like post Trayvon Martin, let’s get real, like the hoodie achieved the whole new significance, 100%.

LF: 100%.

NT: And the Netherlands as a whole need to stop doing that black face during Christmas.

JD: Yeah, I mean, Patta had a whole collaboration around that.

LF: Oh, my God.

NT: It’s such a massive thing.

JD: Zwarte Piet. Black Pete.

LF: That’s not good.

NT: It’s like, it’s their Santa Claus and then Santa Claus has this quote unquote helper. And they say that, “No, it’s not black face. He just went down the chimney.”

JD: It’s soot!

LF: That’s so fucking offensive.

NT: And they’ve been doing it for so long.

LF: I don’t think every single item that we use throughout our lives needs an exhibit explaining the history.

JD: Any time you try to make something too academic and too museum worthy, I feel like the sneaker exhibit. When they did the traveling sneaker exhibit. Some shit just doesn’t belong in a museum.

LF: At least not now. But I want to do an exhibit, I didn’t know if I should say this because someone’s going to do it and steal my idea. But I guess if we record it now on December, what’s today? Friday the seventh? December sixth, 2019. I want to do an exhibit in the Met and 25 years, it’s all the best rappers chains and the story behind them.

NT: Okay, so that’s patent. I just want you to know that since this came out, he has patent that idea.

The segment is closed with the biggest news of the week, all brought to you by Dior: Shawn Stussy and Kim Jones’ collab for Dior Men’s 2020 fall collection along with the Dior Air Jordan (21:29).

LF: Kim Jones is the man, he’s such a good designer. I think he’s the one person really bringing streetwear and high fashion together.

NT: People really forget that he was at Louis when Supreme did the… I feel like people forget about that so fast.

LF: I guess you could also argue Alessandro kind of did that at Gucci. But I think he does it the best. When you see him, he’ll come to the store case, he’s wearing Jordans and shit.

JD: It says Air Dior on the side, this one. But if you look at his graduate collection, I think it’s 2005, he actually puts terminators on the runway too. So he has a long love affair with Nike. And so in some ways it’s a nice little closed loop for him. And working with Sean Stussy in particular. If you read our story about it, Sean Stussy was always of the mindset that in many ways Supreme did what his vision for Stussy ultimately was. He saw it as being something on the level of a Comme des Garcons or like an APC or something like that, and not recycling old logos. It ultimately became what Bape is now.

NT: I saw a documentary back in the day that focused on three brands and it was Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Stussy.

JD: Yeah, you’re talking about BBC’s The Look. And it’s the episode where they have a clip of James Gebbia as the Stussy manager and they don’t even credit him. It’s just store manager. And he’s just like, “Oh, yeah, we sell our a lot of caps and hoodies and shirts.”

NT: But that’s a really dope thing everyone should watch.

JD: But Sean Stussy’s in there of course. He’s wearing a big ass Oxford, very khaki pants, just super baggy and it’s a good ep. But yeah, Sean Stussy, Dior. It’s a thing.

NT: So that is the news of this week.

This episode’s Question of the Week (QOTW) asked Dropcast listeners “What’s the best winter boot?” in light of Luke’s new Lugz boot (25:50).

JD: So tell us about the inspiration behind his particular boot.

LF: Cam is like a huge inspiration to me. Dipset, Cameron in general is one of my biggest… It’s probably Dipset and then like the Simpsons are the two biggest things, and maybe History Channel are the three biggest things that influenced me throughout my life.

JD: Ancient Aliens?

LF: No, like old straight documentaries all day.

Luke talks about his newest Balenciaga puffer in “What’d You Cop?” and drops a hint as he breaks down the high fashion pieces that Round Two has in store (34:45). For anyone at Art Basel this week, stop by Round Two in South Beach, Miami to try your luck.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next QOTW which will be posted on Highsnobiety’s Instagram, and leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

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