Vending machines aren't limited to just food anymore, as it's now in the business of dispensing cars.

Located in Singapore, off southern Malaysia, exotic used car dealership Autobahn Motors recently opened a 15-story showroom that resembles a vending machine.

Sixty cars that includes Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and others are stored in this futuristic facility which utilizes a fish-bone type lift system to deliver cars to clients within minutes, where customers on the ground floor choose from a touchscreen display on which car they wish to see.

Gary Hong, general manager at Autobahn Motors, said the vending machine format was aimed at making efficient use of space in the heavily crowded area of Singapore, as well staying ahead of the competition. "We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative."

If you're curious to see what exactly Autobahn Motors has in their lineup, you can view each of the luxurious car models here.

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