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Architecture brand Superhouse, created by Magnus Ström, aims to create 30 of the most exceptional homes ever made for the super-rich.  The brand plans to make only 30 in total, to emphasise the luxurious element of owning a Superhouse, with each house having its own number discretely engraved somewhere.

The Superhouse featured, S 00/30, is located in a private bay on an unnamed Mediterranean island and is accessed down a winding road through a mountainous setting, or via helicopter for a quick transfer to the mainland. The design concept is simple: two L-shaped stone walls cradle the house and within these walls there are two distinct timber volumes containing separate functions.

It’s the kind of house you’d see Tony Stark living in and it’s view out onto the ocean, secluded from any sign of life will be a perfect lure for many luxury home seekers.

In other lifestyle news, this immaculate 1979 Toyota FJ40 is up for grabs for a mere $40,000.

Words by Jesse Bernard