mac demarco on the square watch Here Comes the Cowboy

Ahead of his Here Comes The Cowboy album release this Friday, Mac DeMarco has dropped the disturbing visuals to a new video song. “On The Square” sees DeMarco continue his experimentation with facial prosthetics.

The Lynchian clip opens with an aged Tommy Midnight watching from an empty theater house as a nightmarish masked-man plunges his head into a bird basin filled with a milky liquid at the center of the stage.

Things get weirder when the masked performer peers through the milky basin, and into a stark, white alternate reality where creepy, animal-faced characters in dinner suits lay bricks. Watch the whole performance in the video above.

“On The Square” was conceptualized by Catherine Sweet and directed by William Sipos and Sean Campos.

In other news, Victor Cruz stops by The Dropcast to talk sneakers and his new collaboration. Check below.