While many were left a little deflated with the release of Apple's latest MacBook Pro, users of the high-spec laptop can at least take solace in the fact that they will be able to skip annoying YouTube ads at the stroke of a Touch Bar. The hack was discovered on Reddit by user RomansFiveEight. He wrote:

"In Safari, the touchbar [sic] will pop up a scrubbing control whenever a video begins to play. Amazingly, you can use that to scrub THROUGH an ad, even a non-skippable 30 second pre-roll ad; and begin your video right away!

"Who knows how long this ‘feature’ will exist. But, hey; pretty neat!"

The new Apple MacBook Pro lineup was met with criticism by some for an apparent lack of innovation in comparison to competitors, like Microsoft. However, it's a still a powerful machine with more than enough new features for your average user to part with their cash (all $1,789 of it for the Touch Bar-equipped one) and not experience an all-consuming bout of buyer's guilt.

This handy hack mightn't convince anybody to buy one, but it is a nice added bonus.

In other tech news, WhatsApp just added a big new feature.

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