'Mad Max: Fury Road' is one of the year's most talked-about films. Offering our own take on the installment's crazy vehicles, we went ahead and illustrated our 5 favorite junkyard rigs.

Officially part of the pop-culture landscapeMad Max: Fury Road has been stirring up attention from fans and critics alike ever since George Miller announced his intentions to resume the franchise. Now, with everything from a look behind the film's most insane stunts to mashup parodies, we thought it was about time to once again call upon illustrator Ido Yehimovitz to apply his talents to the movie's most inventive vehicles. Previously showcasing the vehicles from video games and BatmanMad Max's vehicles are given a playful comic edge, upending their violent, DIY roots. See for yourself below.

The Interceptor

Max's original muscle car, the Interceptor is a reclaimed XB Falcon Coupe. Once a highway king, the vehicle now serves as a battered but reliable offroad rig. According to the car's mechanic, Barry, the Interceptor comes equipped with a dual overhead cam engine and can deliver 600 horsepower to the wheels.

The Nux Car

A rockabilly's dream, the Nux Car is a super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted 5-window Deuce Coupe. Driven by the War Boys' Nux, the tribal decorations reflect the character's thirst for violence and warfare. Although he worships Joe, his true god is the engine.

The Gigahorse

Giving a new meaning to the word "hybrid," the Gigahorse is constructed of two '59 Cadillac Coupe de Villes, which have been split, widened and mangled beyond all recognition. Twin V8s are slaved to a handmade gearbox specially designed for cult leader Immortan Joe, while a harpoon and flamethrower ensure total destruction.

The Doof Wagon

A rock concert on wheels, the Doof Wagon is the Morale Machine of Joe's militia and is designed explicitly to rally the troops and prepare them for battle. An apocalyptic version of marching drummers, the monstrosity features a supercharged V8 engine with a mobile stage, a wall of speakers and sub-woofers, and air conditioning ducts meant to reinforce the beat of the accompanying Taiko drummers.

The War Rig

Imperator Furiosa drives the massive 78-foot, 18-wheeled War Rig, which includes a number of markings signifying its belonging to Joe's vicious fleet, in case you had any doubts. In reference to the driver, a painted skeleton arm appears on the side of the door as she is missing her left arm. The tanker, meanwhile, carries water and breast milk, pumped from Joe's mother's milk production plant. If that weren't enough, the pod at the back is loaded with 3,000 gallons of guzzolene.

Take a closer look at the film's apocalyptic cars and peep the video game adaptation.

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