magic potion
Photo courtesy of Magic Potion

Despite what the majority of people say, fall is one of the best seasons, period. The leaves switch from bright green to gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and brown, decorative pumpkins pop up on every doorstep, everything tastes like a batch of fresh apples, and a delicious crispness hangs in the air. As for the sounds that capture this wonderfully cozy feeling, this is where Magic Potion comes in. Today, we’re premiering the Stockholm band’s new single “Foamy Lace” along with the Erik Gustafsson-directed visual.

The carefree tune borrows its name from a passage in John Fante’s 1939 novel Ask the Dust. In an email to Highsnobiety, the four-piece described the track as “a slow little nugget meditating about day-to-day life in the modern age.” As for the video, Gustafsson explained that “the succession of moving images, collected from my personal archive, was formed in response to the music, which in the video, itself acts as a reply to the visual backdrop.” He adds, “They enter into dialogue with one another and create new meanings of the work as a whole.”

Magic Potion’s sophomore album Endless Graffiti is due out on October 26 via PNKSLM. Embrace the weightlessness and let yourself drift into the chill zone through the video below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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