Here is the latest entry in our partnership with COLORS BERLIN, an online music channel that aims to break down the barriers of the musical landscape. ALL COLORS NO GENRES is their main mission – from hip-hop to indie, electronica, R&B and pop, COLORS BERLIN allows artists to present themselves and their work in a contemporary way. We’ve teamed up with them on a series of video shorts in which artists are invited to perform one of their own tracks in the COLORS studio.

Having a couple drinks in the presence of your love interest is possibly the best way to finally tell them how you really feel, but what happens the next morning when your buzz wears off and reality sets in? Emerging UK singer-songwriter Mahalia explores this morning-after moment of realization on her latest track “Sober.”

The Leicester musician stopped by the COLORS Berlin studio for a casually powerful performance of her throwback R&B gem. Her old school influences like Erykah Badu and The Fugees shine in her music, and this showstopping showcase of “Sober” proves Mahalia has skills and wisdom well beyond her 18 years.

Stream her album Diary of Me below.

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