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Now that Game of Thrones is over, Maisie Williams — whom you may know better as Arya Stark — feels like she’s in limbo. In a new interview with SSENSE, the 22-year-old actress spoke candidly about the effect HBO’s fantasy hit saga has had on her life over the years.

Stating that she felt an overwhelming sense of sadness when the show ended, Williams said that it felt similar to a funeral when filming finally wrapped. It wasn’t all doom and gloom of course, she also talked about what’s coming next for her, revealing information about her new company, a creative platform called Daisie, wanting to dance like Usher, and how making dolls might be her real calling.

Find the key excerpts from Williams’ interview below, and browse the accompanying editorial shoots featuring Rick Owns, Acne, and Gucci pieces in the gallery above.

On ‘Game of Thrones’ ending

It’s really strange. I feel like I’m in limbo between the last chapter of my life and the new chapter. At our press week in New York, there was a real sombre vibe among the cast. There’s never a dull moment when we’re all together, but there was a real sense of sadness in the room, as if we were all at a funeral together.

On keeping in touch with the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast

It just won’t be the same again. We can stay in touch, and we can go to each other’s weddings, but it’s never going to be like it was when we were in Northern Ireland shooting GoT.

On the effect Arya had on her life

Playing Arya will be the most defining thing I ever do, and now it’s done. It was my first role. So much of what I know about this world is in Arya and I can’t imagine anything that will be as precious to me as Arya is—was. God, that’s sombre. I’ll always keep a piece of Arya with me. I know where my bar is now, and I don’t feel like I ever want to go any lower than that.

On identifying with Samwell Tarly & Jon Snow

I identify with Samwell Tarly—he has this low view of himself but is still doing incredible things and has had this whole journey. And in some ways, I identify with Jon Snow, in that everyone says to him, “You’re the king of the north” and he’s like, “I’ve never wanted to be a king.” Particularly coming to the end of the show, everyone’s saying to me now, “You’re going to be a hugely successful actor now. You have to act. That’s what you’ve been born to do,” and I’m like, but no one’s seen me do anything else. Maybe I’m going to make really dope dolls. Who knows?

On wanting to dance like Usher

I did. I went to my first dance class and I said, “I want to dance like Usher.” I learned hip-hop, ballet, tap, musical theatre, lyrical, contemporary. I did it until I was about 16, when everything took off acting-wise.

On Doll making

Doll making. I want to make a little doll but with super strange proportions, like really long arms and a huge head and a little doll face.

On her company Daisie and the project London Creates

London Creates is a campaign to find creative people and give them a real opportunity to work with others who have already carved out careers … These people are going to be ruling the world one day, and what a privilege it is for us to be able to work with them right now, when they’ve maybe not even done anything yet. The campaign will encourage collaboration across film, music, fashion, photography, and design, and it’s part of my company, Daisie, which is an online platform that’s all about being fluid between different industries and that being celebrated.

Head over to SSense for the full interview.

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