Maison Margiela's coveted Replica perfumes now get a home fragrance counterpart in candle form.

Maison Margiela adds to its Replica line by debuting a set of candles this month, first released for its signature Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning and Jazz Club scents. When lit, these "reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods" will bring you back to places like a sun-kissed beach in 1972 Corsica or a slept-in bed of 2003 Florence. Although the brand distinguishes between male and female fragrances, each candle is pleasantly fragrant and easily unisex. The sleek glass vials are topped off with 100% cotton labels which detail each candle's description, here listed below.

Beach Walk

Provenance & Period: Calvi, 1972 Description: sun-kissed salty skin Notes: bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, musk, cedarwood

Lazy Sunday Morning

Provenance & period: Florence, 2003 Description: soft skin and bed linen Notes: lily, Indian patchouli oil, iris, white musk, pear, rose absolute, orange flower

Jazz Club

Provenance & Period: Brooklyn, 2013 Description: heady cocktails and cigars Notes: musk, vanilla, tonka bean, vetiver, tobacco leaf oil, rum absolute, sage oil

We have these candles here at the Selectism office, and trust us, these are as good as candles can get. The first batch of these will be available this month for $60 each at #smellslikememories

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