Earlier this month Major Lazer dropped off the music video for the title track from the collective’s recent EP release. Now, the trio is back with yet another aesthetic for “Know No Better,” this time of the interactive variety.

Accounting for one of the first-ever videos of its kind — courtesy of Eko in collaboration with director Philip Andelman — the clip allows the viewer to switch between the dream and reality storylines portrayed in the original version, highlighting a kid’s daydream of being a Major Lazer backup dancer and the realities of growing up.

“Eko’s unique interactivity enables creators to connect with viewers unlike any other digital platform, fostering deep emotional connections with audiences by giving them agency to affect stories in real-time,” says Executive Producer Lihu Roter. “Major Lazer’s creative execution of this parallel story allows audiences to simultaneously step into the shoes of this young dreamer’s reality and his dreams themselves, experiencing his aspirations coming true with him in the moment. It’s a lean forward experience that’s highly engaging, and indicative of what I believe mainstream storytelling will look like in the years to come.”

Press play underneath to mess around with the interactive delivery from Major Lazer.

Not NYC, not LA.