man woman trade show documentary Man / Woman

MAN / WOMAN, the human-scale fashion trade show that has helped launch cult brands like nanamica, Our Legacy, Engineered Garments, and some of the other best menswear brands from around the world, has produced a short documentary aptly dubbed MAN / WOMAN, to inform the audience about the story of its beginnings.

With the film presented through the lens of its founders, Antoine Floch and Olivier Migda, the visuals offer a short introduction of the trade show through its history, its founding values, and the professionals of the fashion and the creative industry at the heart of its activity, specifically its brands and visitors.

Essentially an overview of the trade show’s DNA, for more of MAN / WOMAN, peep our exclusive coverage of the tradeshow’s SS19 presentations during Paris Fashion Week in the video below.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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