Maria Usbeck
Other / Holland Brown

Cascine continues to attract some of the most refreshing artists around the globe, and Maria Usbeck keeps the Earth spinning on its axis. The Ecuadorian singer-songwriter’s bilingual dream pop bops surfaced with her 2016 album Amparo, and she’s about to hit us with even more musical gems next week. Today, we’re premiering her new single “Obscuro Obituario” which is honestly a solid remedy for fighting off existential dread.

“I’ve always wondered if the fear of death increases as you get older and as you start discovering illnesses,” she explained in an email. “’Obscuro’ touches upon this fear and the idea of someone watching over you from the afterlife.”

Usbeck will be dropping her sophomore concept album, Envejeciendo on August 16. The project dives into “the universal obsession with youth and our preoccupation with growing older.” Pre-order the record here and scroll down to stream “Obscuro Obituario” in full. Usbeck is also hosting a hometown album release show at The Turk’s Inn in Brooklyn, New York on September 4.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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