With recreational marijuana now legal in California, at the moment, New Yorkers may be joining the club very soon, as neighboring states -- Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont are expected to legalize recreational cannabis in the coming year, Time Out New York reports.

On Monday, the NY Daily News reported that Republican gubernatorial candidate Joel Giambra plans to legalize weed and use the millions of dollars in the new tax revenue generated from it to further improve the MTA transit system.

In addition, current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, called for the state to form a panel to advise him on the prospect of legalizing marijuana, while he publicly opposed legalizing cannabis just last year.

Furthermore, this announcement comes less than a week after the New York State Assembly held a hearing on the possibility of legalizing weed on the same day that New Jersey’s new governor Phil Murphy was sworn into office. "A stronger and fairer New Jersey embraces comprehensive criminal justice reform, including a process to legalize marijuana," Murphy said in his inauguration speech.

Last fall, a Gallup poll showed that a record-high 64 percent of Americans favor legalization of recreational marijuana.

With millions of dollars in new tax revenue to be generated if weed is legalized in New York, high-end pot delivery services throughout the five boroughs could also come to end.

For additional details, be sure to read the fully story at Time Out New York.

Also, medical marijuana has no health risks and can help patients, WHO Declares.

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