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Nine states vote on marijuana legalization today

All this talk about Hillary and Trump is letting the real issues fall to the way side: not only will America decide its president today, but nine states will also vote whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada are considering full-on recreational use, while Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota are mulling over the medical option for all those people that don't giggle enough or whatever other condition medical weed is used for. – USA Today

Election Day finally arrives

Finally, after a year and a half of campaigning the U.S. presidential election is finally here. It has been horrible and divisive and repugnant, opening up deep divides that have evidently bubbled beneath the surface for years. The two most unpopular candidates in history face off against each other, with Hillary Clinton holding a three point lead, but it counts for little. Most polls are predicting a Trump loss, but in such a tumultuous political year no one is taking anything for granted. – The Guardian

19% of all election tweets come from bots

Getting your information on this year's election is a pretty stupid idea because according to researchers at the University of Southern California, some 19% of election-related tweets attached to hashtags like #ImWithHer and #NeverHillary actually come from bots created to sway the political debate in a certain direction. That figure is pulled from a sample of 400,000 users, roughly 15% of the total Twitter-using population in the U.S., and bots have sent out some 3.8 million tweets in the weeks between September 16 and October 21. Predictably, more of them were for Trump than Hillary, and appear to be boosting his poll numbers. – Business Standard

Lady Gaga slams Melania Trump on Twitter

Melania Trump gave a speech last week where she promised to devote her time as First Lady to battling cyber bullying. Considering that her husband's entire campaign has been built upon insulting people on Twitter, this is a bit hypocritical, and Lady Gaga used the online platform to call her out on that. Add this to her plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention and it's easy to get the impression that Melania doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. – GOOD

Stephen Curry sets NBA 3-pointer record

Golden State's Stephen Curry netted a 3-pointer record, scoring a whole 13 of them in a single game as his team beat the New Orleans Pelicans 116-106. This fifth win of the season takes the Warriors up to fourth place in the Western conference, while the winless Pelicans languish at the very bottom, with what appears to be an albatross hung from their neck. – US News


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