Mark Zuckerberg completed day one of his testimony in front of Congress yesterday, during which he defended Facebook and its role in the misuse of peoples’ data by companies such as Cambridge Analytica.

As serious as the topic of discussion was, there were more than a few Twitter users who used it as an opportunity to spawn some brilliant new memes.

Some went after Mark Zuckerberg's personally, making fun of his seemingly robotic mannerisms and insistence that Facebook is not a monopoly. Others went after the senators themselves, many believing them to be unfit for leading this particular line of questioning.

As always, we’ve picked out the best memes for your entertainment. Scroll through the list below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Facebook most definitely isn’t a monopoly

There have been less-believable conspiracy theories


If Facebook had a theme song

A feeling we know all too well

Yep, never seen a fake profile on Facebook ever

The senators didn’t escape criticism either

And we’ll just leave you with this

What do you think? Was Zuckerberg asked the right questions? Were you happy with his answers? Let us know in the comments.

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