As the hype settles from last night's insane Mayweather vs. McGregor match, we decided to round up some of Twitter's best responses to the fight.

Fans took to Twitter to share their real-time reactions to the chaos, and of course to share some of their favorite moments into meme-able events.

Most of the reactions were focused on how much money both fighters were set to make, but people also roasted Mayweather for his fight night attire and pointed out just how much hugging went on in the ring.

Despite McGregor losing, he lasted a lot longer than people expected, leading some fans to essentially claim the fight as a victory for the MMA professional.

Browse through our selections below, then read our live coverage of the match here.

Everyone couldn't stop thinking about all the money at stake

Twitter users pointed out some of the more romantic moments in the evening

Despite the loss, McGregor fans are still proud of the fighter

But the real winner of the night was Mayweather's ski mask

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