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Breakfast isn’t just the most important meal of the day, it’s the best (don’t @ us). And now, McDonald’s is adding Donut Sticks to its famous breakfast lineup. Available for a limited time only, the sticks are covered in cinnamon sugar and designed to be paired with the fast food chain’s coffee.

While the Donut Sticks basically look like a spin on churros, McDonald’s vice president of menu innovation Linda VanGosen says the brand put a lot of time into getting the sticks right. “We looked at several donut shapes, tested a variety of doughs, and even worked to get the amount of cinnamon sugar just right for the recipe,” VanGosen explained.

McDonald’s Donut Sticks are available to buy by the half dozen or dozen and will be available at McDonald’s branches from February 20. But move fast — the chain hasn’t revealed how long they’ll be around.

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